Meteor and Meteorite on Windows

Both Meteor and Meteorite are unofficially supported on Windows, and these are the required steps to make it work.

Tue Aug 05 2014

Using async hooks in Meteors autoform

Useful feature for uploading a file through a form generated with autoform, or any other async functionality.

Fri Jul 18 2014

Saving user ID in Meteor when using AutoForm

How to store the logged in users ID when submitting a quickform.

Sat Jul 05 2014

Getting SVG position in JS

How the get the coordinates of an SVG element even when page scrolling is involved.

Tue Jul 01 2014

Enabling scrollbars in highlight.js

Here is how you set scrollbars on code tags with overflowing text, styled with highlight.js.

Tue Jul 01 2014

Code tag in CKEditor

A simple plugin I made for CKEditor, to wrap selected text in a code tag.

Tue Jul 01 2014

Getting session ID in Meteor on startup

This way you can get the current sessions ID on the client, by calling a method on the server.

Mon Jun 30 2014

Booking system with Meteor

A booking system concept made for the laundry machines where I live.

Sun Jun 22 2014

Letter database with Meteor

A database of user drawn letters, with letter recognition, and a drawable SVG.

Sun Jun 22 2014

Blog with Railway

A test using scaffolding in Railway, templating with Bootstrap.

Sat Jun 21 2014

Shortest route with Google Maps

An example of how to use the Google Maps API, to find the shortest route between locations.

Sat Jun 21 2014

Express and CoffeeScript with Skeleton

An easy way to get started with Express, CoffeeScript, Jade and Stylus using Skeleton.

Sat Jul 14 2012

Restricting route access with Express

A simple way to require admin access, or perform any other action, on a subset of routes with Express.

Wed Jul 04 2012

Express with Jade and Stylus

This will guide you through initializing an Express project on Node 0.8.1, with Stylus for styling and Jade for templating.

Sun Jul 01 2012